Service Commitment and Standards



At Muskoka Chrysler Sales we value dignity, respect, relationships, high ethical standards and equal access for all employees and clients/customers. These values are reflected in our policies, operations and behaviors. When dealing with our staff, clients/customers can expect them to be friendly, respectful, enthusiastic, and attentive to any special needs and entirely focused on everyone's best interests.



Active steps have been taken to reasonably accommodate the needs of employees and clients/customers with disabilities by offering services and facilities that provide equal opportunities for participation. At Muskoka Chrysler Sales anticipating the diverse requirements of employees and clients/customers visiting our facility and offering assistance wherever possible is an ongoing priority.



Our employees and clients/customers are welcome to use their own personal assistive devices to access our premises and services.



Support people and guide dogs, or other service animals, are also welcome to accompany employees and clients/customers with disabilities while on the premises. Wherever service animals are prohibited by law, we will provide personal assistance where necessary.



All our employees receive ongoing and documented training in order to properly communicate with, and provide assistance to, people with various disabilities. This includes accommodating support personnel and assistive devices or animals, as well as resolving any challenges that may arise while on the premises. We are committed to ensuring that our services are available to all.




If you feel that these standards have not been maintained, in your situation, please feel free to let us know by calling Doug Ingram at 705-645-8763.